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A-Frame Pool Entry System

A-Frame Pool Entry System The best features of a pool step and ladder combine for safe, easy use of your pool. This super-strong entry system is a hybrid between a ladder and step. So you get the ease-of-use of a step combined with the unobtrusiveness of a ladder. The entry system is made from rugged resin that is U.V. protected and maintenance-free. Double extended handrails allow even small children to easily exit the pool, while a top platform protects your pool's top rail. Features: -A-frame pool entry system. -Made of rugged resin that is U.V. protected and maintenance-free. -Adjustable to fit pools from 48" to 56" in depth. -Ease of climbing like a step with the 7.5" deep non-skid foot treads. -Only consumes a mere 22" of swimming space in your pool. -All treads and platform is non-skid. -Meets all national and local codes for entrapment. -Walkway has been widened by 3.5" for this season to allow for easier entry and exit. -Outside ladder has a self-closing gate to bar entry from little ones or unautho...

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