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Arctic Armor Gold Rectangular Solid Safety Cover for 18′ x 40′ In-Ground Pools with 15-Year Warranty

Arctic Armor Gold Rectangular Solid Safety Cover for 18' x 40' In-Ground Pools with 15-Year Warranty Protect your in-ground swimming pool, pets and family with the super lightweight Arctic Armor Gold Solid Safety Pool Cover. Solid safety covers that seal out all dirt, debris, and algae have long been hampered by their heavy weight, making them difficult to install and remove. Arctic Armor Gold safety covers have solved this problem with their rugged new solid material - Vinyl Tuff. This rugged reinforced vinyl material is up to 35% stronger than standard solid covers at 33% less weight. They guard your children and pets while they seal out all winter dirt and debris. The center filter screen allows rainwater to drain off the cover and into the pool eliminating the need for cover pumping in the spring. The patented Kleen-Screen micro filter catches the finest dirt and debris, ensuring a sparkling clean pool. Vinyl Tuff solid safety covers are specially formulated for additional protection against U.V. rays, mold and mildew and come complete with brass anchors, dual stainless steel springs, installation tool, storage bag, and complete installation instructions. The Arctic Armor Gold cover comes backed by an outstanding 15-year warranty!

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